Brittany GH-1009

Britt (Brittany) Martinez

6-17-08 ~ 5-20-20

Our beloved Britt (Brittany Sue, Mija, Woo-woo), was a beautiful deep red golden and appeared in our lives to help our hearts heal after losing our Paige, and later as we said goodbye to her beloved brothers Duke and Teddy. She was a girly-girl, always crossed her paws, and her mottos were “strike a pose” she loved the camera, and “treat” or “cookie” were music to her ears and would wake her from a dead sleep. She came to us in late November 2016, after her life-long family took her to the vet to put down because they could not afford TPLO surgery. GoldHeart stepped in and we fostered her through this surgery and rehab, and a few other surgeries – she always handled each hurdle with ease, and quickly bounced back to being all about Britt. She grabbed and soothed our hearts, made us laugh with her jumps, woo-woo talking, circling, pawing the carpet, walking you on her leash, and loving her stuffed toys, belly rubs and getting brushed – all Golden! She became our failed foster June 17, 2017. She was a fabulous GH representative with a big personality, going to fundraising activities and always up and ready when she heard, “let’s go to work.” Britt did so many home visits with me, and always did great with all the other dogs and potential adopters she got to charm and meet. She was a gracious hostess to many fosters, and visiting dogs (but Daddy’s lap was reserved for her), and eventually Britt charmed one of our most difficult rescues to date – Jay – JJ. She loved traveling with us, hanging with her rescue sister Goldie, and enjoyed trips, especially to be with family in Kentucky, and was thrilled visiting cousins at Smith Mountain Lake – boating and swimming – A golden’s dream vacay (this was the background for GH’s calendar photo shoot – Brittany – Miss August 2018).

On National Rescue Dog Day 2020, within just a few hours, our rescue girl went from being lethargic to crossing over the rainbow bridge. A tumor the size of a softball on her spleen had ruptured and 2 liters of blood filled her belly. The Annapolis emergency vet was almost certain it was Hemangiosarcoma. We Golden owners know this is the one diagnosis you never want to hear. Even with surgery and chemo, the life expectancy is just months. The vet provided all options, but kindly said, if she was my dog, I would let her go. She was just feeling drained due to lack of blood yesterday, and we did not want her to get worse, or experience pain. Despite COVID-19 restrictions, they brought her out to us and we loved on her, and then she got her sleepy drug, and the vet helped her cross over in our arms. She is again with her brothers Duke and Teddy, and foster-sibs Belle and Smiley. Rest in Peace our awesome beautiful Woo-Woo. Even though you were only with us 3.5 years, it was a magical journey of love and fun that will last us a lifetime. Thank you Britt, thank you GoldHeart.

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