Leo GH-1143

Say hello to handsome and super sweet Leo!

Leo is a 13 year old member of the white muzzle society, and his family turned to GoldHeart because they were having financial difficulties and had to move from their home. He landed softly in a wonderful GoldHeart foster home in early March. The vets have been working with his foster mom to help Leo live the best life possible. He did come in on a kidney friendly diet, and issues with his liver and kidneys were reported by his past owner. After many weeks with GoldHeart, and some success improving his liver function, additional testing confirmed that Leo has advanced kidney disease. Once GoldHeart learned Leo had this terminal illness, we determined it to be in his best interest to remain in his loving foster home until his final sunset.

Here is a recent update from his loving and caring foster mom…

“The urine sample indicates that his kidneys are not eliminating “waste” like they are supposed to.  The urine is only a little above water.  So no meds will help him, just keeping him ingesting as little protein, phosphorus and salt as possible.  His kidney function dog food is appropriate. Pure white rice without additives is ok.  I am giving Leo “entyce” capromorelin oral solution, about 1 ml per day.  The vet prescribed 2.5 ml per day but recommended giving the smallest amount that works.  The first day I couldn’t get more than 1 ml in him but it worked so we are sticking to that if possible.  The medicine is an appetite stimulant and Leo does eat all his food with it.  It tastes bad so I squirt it down his throat which he hates.  He’s such a good dog and so far accepts this.  The vet would like us to check in in 2-3 months if Leo’s condition doesn’t change.  He started carrying Floppy Ears around and spent the afternoon in the yard gardening and barking at dogs walking by on the path.  Right now he’s sleeping and dreaming with legs “running.”

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