Kayla GH-1141 (FTA)

Woof! Woof!  I ABSOLUTELY love my forever home!

Kayla is a 6 year old girl who lived on an Amish farm since she was 10 weeks old. She recently had a litter and all the puppies died so the farmer wanted her to go to rescue where she will not be bred again. Kayla loves kids and all people  — a real sweetheart. She came to GoldHeart in early February 2020.

In her first GH foster home she did not get along with the female dog in the house, so she was moved to a GH foster-to-adopt (FTA) home (without another dog). In her new home, she finished her vetting and was spayed and of course was showered with all the love and attention she missed out on in her early years. As you can see, she is a welcome addition to her adopting family…and Miss Kayla is where she was always meant to be!  Congratulations Kayla!

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