Shiloh GH-344

In Memory of our Dearest Shiloh 

Shiloh (formerly Mr. March in the 2008 GH Calendar!) came to us in August 2006 as a 18 month old 99 lb giant, still with playful puppy habits. He had a “rap sheet” from his first Goldheart adoption family, that beat us to him, but they gave him up quickly…we were offered the opportunity to foster to adopt and jumped at the chance.  

Our 9 year old male lab mix had previously met Shiloh at a Petsmart-GoldHeart adoption day, and the boys immediately hit it off.

With a little training, in a very short time Shiloh became a Perfect Gentleman! We failed as foster parents, and Shiloh officially joined our family in January 2007.  He loved to run and roughhouse with his doggy brother Argo, yet was ever so gentle with our infant daughter…even sounding his baby alarm by barking when our daughter was crying.

His favorite activity though, was his frequent desire to cuddle with his humans by forcing his huge head in between their arm and body…. whereby a person could not help but give him love!

We always traveled with our dogs, and Shiloh would often be the center of attention, freely giving and receiving love from strangers, plus taking advantage of photo ops too!

He passed peacefully in our home with Vet Assistance on 2-19-20, just a few days short of his 15th birthday, which would have been 3-01-20.

Shiloh truly had a Golden Heart, and will always hold a special place in our hearts. RIP our beautiful Shi-baby.

The Sabenorio Family

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