Summer GH-1114 (FTA)

Loving Life in my forever home!

Beautiful young Summer (age 2.5) attempted to jump a horse fence, got caught on the chain and suffered a compound fracture. An amazing friend of GoldHeart picked her up from the Breeder who gave her up due to the injury (she had a litter of puppies just 3 months earlier), and she then ensured she received medical attention and within a few days turned her over to GoldHeart. Due to her injury, young age, and probably never living inside a home, not to mention wanting to jump and play, GoldHeart happily was able to quickly locate an experienced and very dog savvy FTA home without another dog and with a fenced yard — of course leash walks only are required for a long while.  Her recovery and cone time took months seeing specialists and  she also required physical – water therapy and she was spayed while in Foster care. Despite her challenging condition and long recovery, she is a super sweet velcro golden girl. Summer is the name she got when arriving at her foster home…. the season of the beginning of a wonderful second chapter for this sweet gla (arrived June 2019). She officially became part of the Von Goerres family in January 2020  and loves hanging out with her very own kitty cat – Congratulations!


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