Ripple GH-1127


Meet Ripple, Ripple was pulled from a hoarding situation along with her male companion and unfortunately pregnant for at least the 4th time. Ripple is very sweet in nature and very needy. She has been a very good mom.

Gender: F (to be spayed and updated on vaccines when time is appropriate since giving birth)

Age: 5 yrs

Weight: approx. 70 pounds

Health: health is good

Personality: very sweet natured and very needy

Favorite Toys/Games: likes to play ball

Interaction with other dogs: good with other dogs

Interaction with cats: unknown

Interaction with children: loves everyone

Behavior in car: rides well in the care

People Interactions – absolutely loves all the attention she can get

Training, Food and Treats: Ripple is on Eukanuba for large breed dogs she gets about 3 cups a day and only a treat at night when she goes to bed. She would benefit from some training at least for leash manners.

Leash manners: pulls very hard

Housetrained: good for up to 4 hours in the kennel

Exercise Requirements: she is laid back but loves to be outside to roam around

Fence requirements: would prefer a physical fence



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