Winnie (Sadie) GH-1123 (FTA)

Life is Awesome in my Forever Home!

Sadie is now Winnie and is a special needs Golden Cream lass with neurological issues, but that is also part of her charm. She is now with a wonderful home that will see her through upcoming vet appointments and is moved to an FTA status.  Once stable, her loving home will officially adopt her.

Gender: F (Spay required by Age 1)

Age: 7 months

Weight: 43 pounds

Health: Sadie is being seen by a  veterinary neurologist, and her clinical diagnosis is she has hydrocephalus. This is based on her neurological exam, her domed shaped head, and information provided to GoldHeart when her breeder turned her over to rescue. The diagnosis was recently confirmed by an MRI paid for by GoldHeart. She is bright, alert, with just a slight (and somewhat adorable) head bobble.

Sadie has started on medications (Prednisone and Omeprazole) and will continue under the care of her neurologist, and her awesome forever home will continue with medication protocol and visits to a GoldHeart approved neurologist for check-ups.



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