Maggie GH-1122

Life is Grand in my Forever Home! 

Maggie has her happy ever after with a new brother and fabulous humans too.

Maggie, is a super sweet “puppy”(inquisitive, curious,  funny) in a seven year old body. Maggie spent the first part of her life as a breeder dog. She knew absolutely nothing when arriving in her GoldHeart foster home, but with a lot of patience and love, she has come a long way. Maggie did not even know her name at first. She has learned that going outside is fun (didn’t want to go out at first), and she enjoys being with the other dogs in her foster home and chasing squirrels and bunnies too. Maggie is definitely a velcro-girl, and will follow you everywhere and gets anxious if her humans are out of sight.

Gender: F (Spayed 10-28-19)

Age: 7 Years old

Weight: 62 lbs

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