Codie GH-693

We were blessed with a girl named Codie over 8 years ago. When we decided it was time to bring a furry family member into our home, soon after my mom was at a social event and heard Codie’s foster mom, Marie, talking about a dog who was ready for adoption, and my mom couldn’t help but approach her about my family. Thank you, mom!!! Marie brought her to meet us, and said: “she is home”.  I’ll never forget that day. She was a funny little girl. She was known to steal food off the kitchen island if she could reach it. She loved her walks, and along the way she’d be happy to see some dogs and not so happy to see others. Definitely a big bark, but never a bite. We swore she had an internal clock because at 7 pm she would start talking to us. We’d say “cuddle time!” and she’d run to the couch and wait for us to sit with her. We would fight over who got the seat next to her.

She loved her “cousin” Addie who lived next door. They were besties for sure. The two of them would even dress up for Halloween and never complain. She was incredibly fast giving squirrels a run for their money! We loved to watch her run, but always prayed she’d never catch one. In the end, Codie was a fighter. She died from liver failure, but fought the disease for over a year. Her doctors called her a miracle dog. From day one, Codie brought so much love and fun into our lives. She completed our family and will be forever missed.

The Lamon Family with their Girl Codie

Codie, at age 3ish, appeared as Miss October in the GoldHeart 2014 Calendar and her cousin Addie was included too. She will be Forever in our Hearts! 


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