Jay – JJ (Jaden) GH-1094

Woo Hoo – Yes sir, I wore them down and finally, my Foster Home is my Forever Home!  A Covert Adoption Success!

Meet Jay, aka JJ or Jay Bird!

No one can believe his age, especially since his foster sister is a full white muzzle gal and they are about the same age. Jay actually acts like a 6 year old, yet will turn 11 in November 2019. He is so handsome, and his coat has grown back in beautifully (He came in as Jaden – 11-2018, was underweight and full of mats, and had lived a very restricted and not very pleasant life in an outbuilding as a stud dog. He has taken months of work, love, and lots of patience, and he is now a different dog.  He is a good boy most of the time. Now and then he still will growl at his peeps and strangers, but is easily corrected. One day we hope that behavior no longer is needed). Jay easily transitioned to a climate controlled life, and is calm and respectful in the house, but bring out a ball, and watch his happy dance and dash to the door to get outside — where he races across the yard, twirls with excitement, and usually jumps in the air to catch his ball mid air. 

Gender: M, neutered after arriving at GoldHeart.

Age: An extremely young and agile 10 year old, November 2008 is his estimated DOB.

Weight: 68-70 lbs


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