Gunner GH-872 and Pandora GH-865

I lost all three of my kiddos in the last 18 months and that has been a big pill to swallow…for anyone.

Handsome Gunner GH-872, who arrived at age 4-5 in March 2014, and left on April 6, 2018; and Beautiful Pandora GH-865, who arrived in December 2013, and then crossed over on Sept 24, 2018. She was 15-1/2 years old and I rescued her at age 9. Most recently, I lost my beloved GH-783, Sunny, on Sept 26, 2019 .

You take in your surrender/foster/adoption and help them heal from their past. As they become a part of your family and you learn all of their quirkiness, you want them to be with you forever but you know that can never be. The joy they all have brought me versus the sadness you feel when they cross over can’t compare to one another, and I wouldn’t change a thing.
I can only hope they are all together again whole and happy! RIP babies!
Always and forever your loving mom…Lynn Ishman




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