Quinn GH-400

RIP Quinn

Quinn came into my life at a time when I really needed a friend, a buddy, just to hang around with, someone to keep me active and Quinn did just that. Quinn was the QUINNESSENTIAL FETCHER, didn’t matter to him what it was if it was thrown he was going to let nothing get in his way, heat, cold, a tree (more than one oak tree quaked at his approach), even removing the pads from his paws wouldn’t slow him down. If he got too hot as many of you know he’d jump into the water (bowl) to cool off. Otherwise, it was ON! Hours, days, not a minute would pass and he would have his beloved ball, playing by himself if need be. Barking, whining and staring at me, if I had the temerity to be so preoccupied with some menial task like doing my taxes to retrieve his ball from under whatever piece of furniture he seemed too difficult for him to get himself.

He was a constant reminder that you have to do what you LOVE! And, he LOVED FETCH! What he didn’t love is when Dad would take him to work, and take photos of him like the one included here! He came into my life on March 17, 2007, with such youthful vibrancy, and departed on August 31,2019. Quinn gave his all as a true friend and companion should, always looking after me first, unless of course there was a ball!

David Beaver

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