GH-1118 Sawyer


Meet Sawyer, a golden, shepherd and collie mix. If you are looking for a new family member with the best of three great breeds, then Sawyer’s your guy. He has the sweet, affectionate Velcro golden characteristics, the smart, protectiveness of a shepherd and if you fall in a well, he’ll get help! Sawyer had a very rough start in life, and is quickly adapting to the good life in the USA. This adorable guy, is initially very scared of strangers (both people and dogs), but once he warms up to you and feels safe, he’s a sweet, lovable goofball that really wants to please you. He makes us laugh every day.

Gender: Male, neutered

Age: Approximately 2, but could be younger, based on his playfulness.

Weight: 42 lbs. (We believe he will fill out some and should land around 50 pounds.)


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