Bear GH-1112

We are so sorry to report that Beautiful Bear transitioned over the Rainbow Bridge yesterday (August 8th) in the loving embrace of his foster mom.

RIP Bear – you will be dearly missed.

Thank you so much to the Gilchrest family for giving Bear the loving last chapter that he so deserved. 

Bear was brought to the shelter as a stray. GoldHeart contacted the shelter and they said he was on a stray hold. No one ever came for this beautiful senior boy. Upon his exam they noticed he had a suspicious lump on his leg and with rescue committment the shelter said they would do x-rays. It was determined to be a fast moving cancer. If no one stepped up he would be humanely euthanized. GoldHeart has this beautiful boy since early June and he will live out his remaining days in a Long Term Foster Home where he will be loved and cared for. The foster home says he is just a very large bundle of love and kisses and is doing well with his foster brothers and sister.

Update 6-27 from Bear’s Foster Mom… I want to let everyone know that Bear is doing well. We had a set back a few weeks ago, his foot swelled up and was pretty bad. The vet did a biopsy and unfortunately the results came back as cancer. After the bandage was removed the swelling returned and the incisions from the biopsies opened up. We have spent the past two weeks getting bandage changes, but today much to my vets surprise, the wounds have healed enough that he no longer needs a bandage. Bear has taken all of this in stride and is a very happy and sweet soul. All he wants is love and believe me, he gets tons of love💕. He is comfortable and is enjoying life. Thank you Goldheart for saving his boy and allowing me to care for him, it has been such a joy to have him in my life. And many thanks to everyone who has sent him prayers, good thoughts and donated for his care. I promise I will continue to spoil and love him for as long as he remains strong and is enjoying life. I’m hoping to get him groomed now that he is bandage free and make him even more beautiful than he already is. Thank you all💕

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