Archie (Glacier) GH-1108 (FTA)

Loving Life in My Forever Home!

We are so happy that Archie will never have another bad day.  He was one of the Black Rock Kennel cruelty case survivors where 27 dogs were found dead on the property and the 27 that were alive were brought to the Humane Society of Carroll County  in early April for vetting and loving care, with release to GoldHeart in early May to ensure his next chapter was the best ever.

During the process of his ongoing rehab with GoldHeart, Glacier got a new name Archie, and his coat is growing back beautifully and this estimated 8-year old boy looks like a completely new version of himself and is enjoying life to the fullest. During the fostering process, the family fell in love and adopted him. They report “Such a sweetheart, especially since all he’s been through.  Not a mean bone in his body!”

We thank the Humane Society of Carroll County for trusting GoldHeart to care for Glacier/Archie. The society accepts monetary donations online at https://hscarroll.org/donate/. This wonderful rescue organization also has an Amazon Wish List, where individuals can purchase items that can be used by the society to care for rescued animals.


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