Piper GH-1111


Meet Piper. If you are looking for a new family member with a velcro personality this active, affectionate young Golden may be for you. Piper is ultra self-confident, loves people, young and old, and wants to be included in any activity. This beauty has big black eyes, a very black nose, and appears to be an English Cream Golden. Piper came to GH in May after she and other dogs were found abandoned in a house in Maryland. At the time of her rescue, she was shaved to remove mats and filth.

Gender: F, spayed.

Age: Estimated 1 to 2 years old.

Weight: 50 lbs. as of May 30, needs to gain some weight.

Health: Piper is up-to-date on her rabies and distemper vaccines. She tested both heartworm and Lyme negative. Her recent health history includes a urinary tract infection and an ear infection; she should be monitored for both.

Personality: Piper is a happy puppy who craves attention and affection

Favorite Toys/Games: Likes to pay fetch; likes squeaky toys.

Interaction with other dogs: Likes playing with other dogs, though sometimes she initiates rough play. Have a dog?  Piper may vie for alpha position. She is a me-first girl…first in the car, first for treats, first for human attention. Piper must be fed separately from other pets to avoid Piper eating another pet’s food.

Interaction with cats: Unknown, but she has a strong prey drive.

Interaction with children: Piper likes children, but may be too excitable for young or timid children. She does not bite, but is mouthy.

Behavior in Car: Likes car rides; jumps into and out of car.

People Interactions – home requirements: Piper is excited, often overly excited, to meet people. She would make a great family dog in an active home, but also is suitable for a single person or couple who can make her their priority. She is needy and wants at least one of her humans to be home more often than not. Piper has been crated for short periods when foster is not home. This is because house training is incomplete, and because Piper has the destructive tendencies that go with being a young Golden. Piper sleeps on a dog bed near her foster and her foster’s golden, but would prefer to seep in the bed with her human. Has been allowed on furniture for rest and to snuggle.

Housetrained?  Piper is catching on to house training, but accidents can occur when she is not closely supervised or crated. She is reliable overnight, about 7 hours. She does not currently ask to go out.

Training, Food and Treats: Piper is highly food motivated yet takes treats gently. She must be discouraged from her penchant to eat grass and wood, a likely result of being food deprived while abandoned.  Piper does not beg at the table, counter-surf or have special dietary restrictions. She has a firm grasp of the “sit” command and is a quick study of other commands. Piper needs continuation of house training, leash training and manners training.

A $150 training deposit will be required. It is a mandatory for Piper to go through training, with prior approval from GoldHeart of the training program/plan selected. This deposit will be refunded to the adopting home when GoldHeart receives certification of Piper successfully completing the training.

Exercise Requirements: On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being very energetic and with the highest exercise requirements, Piper is a 4; appropriate for her age. She will often run until exhausted, and shortly thereafter, drop in a dead sleep. Piper’s current daily exercise routine includes multiple sessions of yard play with her foster’s dog, a walk in a park (1+ mile) and 2-3 neighborhood walks (one mile each).

Fence requirements: Would do best in a home with a fenced yard (physical or electric). Piper needs space to run and play hard off leash. She needs to be safe when squirrels, deer and other critters tempt her to give chase.

Adoption fee: $500, plus $150 refundable training deposit.

BACKGROUND: Piper was one of the Black Rock Kennel cruelty case survivors where 27 dogs were found dead on the property and the 27 that were alive were brought to the Humane Society of Carroll County for vetting and loving care with release to GoldHeart in early May to ensure her next chapter is the best ever. We thank the Humane Society of Carroll County for trusting GoldHeart to care for Piper. The society accepts monetary donations online at https://hscarroll.org/donate/. This wonderful rescue organization also has an Amazon Wish List, where individuals can purchase items that can be used by the society to care for rescued animals.




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