Daisy GH-1104


Meet Sweet Daisy who came to GoldHeart in March. If you are looking for a new family member with a Velcro personality, sweet Daisy may be for you. Daisy is shy and polite. She came to GoldHeart from an East Coast farm where she spent her days outside and nights in a barn. Her main job there was to make puppies. Not having been around many people, she is shy, but with no aggressive tendencies. Once she warms up to you, your heart will melt.

Gender: F, spayed

Age: 5 yr

Weight: 80.5 lbs as of May 1

Health: Daisy is up to date on her rabies and distemper vaccines. She is heartworm/Lyme negative. Although she has lost 13 pounds, she needs to lose several more. Daisy has mild arthritis in one leg. She recently had entropion surgery (lower left eyelid no longer folds inward). Her teeth are exceptionally good for her age, and she has a shiny red coat.

Personality: Shy with strangers, polite, affectionate with foster

Favorite Toys/Games: Likes to carry soft toys and balls

Interaction with other dogs: Likes to meet and greet other dogs

Interaction with cats: Chases

Interactions with children: Limited knowledge; shy. Allowed a nine yr old to pet her with foster mom by her side.

Behavior in car: Loves car rides, jumps in and out by herself.

People interactions – Home requirements: Needs patient adoptive parents to help her overcome fear of strangers. A good match for a quiet home where humans are home more often than not. She has full access in her foster home and is completely respectful when her foster parents are away. Having a sibling dog or frequent visits with other dogs will be a plus. Daisy likes routine and predictable times to eat and go outside. She does not get on furniture and sleeps in bedroom next to foster home’s Golden. Seeks the comfort of luxury bed belonging to her foster sibling.

Fencing requirements: Depends on the home/neighborhood. Daisy has not shown tendency to wander from foster.

Training, food and treats: Soft mouth, does not counter-surf or beg for food yet is food motivated. Needs help achieving/maintaining healthy body weight. Does not pull on leash, but needs leash training as well as training in basic obedience commands. Comes when her name is called. House trained.


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