Mocca GH-1096


You may have seen Mocca previously posted as Under Evaluation, and recall his awesome foster family was trying on Failed Foster T-shirts. However, after much deliberation and with heavy hearts, they have decided it will be best for Mocca to find a forever home where he can get more attention. Mocca’s family is what you would call a multi-pet rescue and foster home. There are currently eight dogs (both large and small) and several cats (and other assorted pets) that have been very patient and loving with Mocca coming into their huge pack. Mocca just loves them all, but even with all the attention he is getting, he needs more.

Mocca arrived in the USA from Egypt in early December and was neutered prior to arrival. Mocca was received as a gift for the owner’s son who grew tired of him. Tied on the balcony most of his life. When the owner called the shelter he said he had a female that he had no use for. When turned into the shelter they found out she was a he. No wonder this boy wants and needs lots of attention!

His foster home advises that Mocca is a sweet, lovable guy with a typical golden “velcro” personality. He is estimated to be between 3-5 years old and weighs about 68 lbs. He really enjoys his daily walks and does not pull on the leash and walks at a leisurely pace. He also does well riding in the car and is crate trained. He is now fully reliable in the house and his potty habits are more like a female (take your time, find the spot, then one and done!). He also loves playing ball and roughhousing with his older golden brother out in his large fenced yard, and will even engage some of the cats to play with him. He is not toy or food aggressive and does not have a mean bone in his body. He only lives with adults currently, but has been fine when meeting all other people outside the home, including children.

Despite all his awesome qualities, inside the house he is quick to get into mischief if not supervised by a family member. Turn your back and he could be counter-surfing and helping himself to anything left out, ripping up a dog toy, or getting into a trash can or popping the lid off a litter box (yep, the likely prey of an inquisitive golden boy). On the plus side, he does leave most of the human objects alone.

He does great in his crate at night, but if you crate him during the day to leave for an errand or go to another room he will bark until you return and may rip up his crate bedding. He definitely needs work to alleviate his concerns when being separated from his humans. Being able to gate off the kitchen could help, along with having safe puppy-proof rooms. His forever home will also have to be OK with crating, and his humans must be willing to work through his issues so he can become the best version of himself — no question that he wants to please his humans.

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