Buddy GH-1097

Woof! Woof!  I Love my Forever Home!

Buddy needs a new home this new year. This 4-year-old 50-pound boy is a true love bug who craves attention and exercise. Mostly though, he reminds us of a big soft mop. We are certain that he slept in human beds in his former home and that he’d like to join his fur-ever partners on their furniture and beds. Buddy’s new owner needs to be okay with him being next to or on top of them regularly and the owner cannot be at risk for a fall. Buddy does not currently have the run of the house. He is housebroken but does sometimes get into things. When we are home he is near us, so he can be watched; when we are away he is crated or baby-gated. He does not like the crate and absolutely refuses to stay in it at night but seems to handle it okay during our absences.

We quickly decided Buddy is smart and wanting to please; we see great potential in him. We can do anything with him -pick up food bowl, take things out of his mouth and he even likes being blown dry after his bath – but right now, he really has no manners.… He is a soft jumper (on people and counters but not over fences or gates), an aggressive chewer (chews coverings off tennis balls), a stuffing remover (Kong floppy toy met its match) and a puller (quite strong on the leash but rapidly learning). He is curious and will frequently be touching hands and any objects within reach. His attention span during training is still pretty short but he has learned to sit on command. Two short walks a day and 3 or 4 yard excursions with wild running and fetching are helping him. He will need a fenced area or some alternative way for him to tire out. Maybe someone who likes to jog, take multi-mile walks, throw lots of tennis balls or give him tons of attention would be good. He needs a home that will commit to consistent and frequent positive training/discipline tactics. At foster home discretion, a $150 training deposit may be required of Buddy’s adopting family, with prior approval from GoldHeart of the training program/plan selected. This deposit will be refunded to the adopting home when GoldHeart receives certification of Buddy successfully completing the training.

Buddy seems okay with other dogs unless they jump all around and then he shakes. He met a cat and was very interested; he did not run or bark. He does chase squirrels. As far as we can tell Buddy thinks all people love him and would be happy for him to climb all over them. Buddy’s Vet checks indicate he is a good healthy boy and is up to date on all tests and shots. This Goldendoodle does shed – as his fur is more Golden like – but we guarantee he will melt your heart – he sure stole ours.

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