Mocca GH-1096


Mocca is a sweet, lovable guy with typical golden “velcro” personality. He is estimated to be between 3-5 years old and weighs 68 lbs. He enjoys walking and does not pull on the leash and walks at a leisurely pace. He still has a lot of puppy energy. He needs to learn house manners since he has never lived in a home but is doing great with potty training.

Mocca recently arrived in the USA from Egypt.  Mocca was received as a gift for the owners son who grew tired of him. Tied on the balcony most of his life. When the owner called the shelter he said he had a female that he had no use for. When turned into the shelter they found out she was a he.  Mocca will not have another bad day!

Mocca should be able to start the search for his forever home in a few weeks, so please check back soon for updates!

If you are not yet approved by Goldheart, and are in our SERVICE AREA, please complete an adoption application at https://goldheart.org/adopting-a-golden/adoption-application/. There is a $30 non-refundable application fee that must be received before the approval process starts. The approval process can take 6 weeks or more since we rely on an all-volunteer support network to process your application, conduct the home visit, and check references. If approved, you can then inquire about Mocca, or any other available dog that is looking for a forever home. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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