Lilly GH-1095


Beautiful Lilly is a 7-year old spayed female English Cream Golden Retriever. She was used as a breeder  dog for six years and never was out of the kennel. She came into GoldHeart because the give up owners were done using her for breeding. She weighs about 63 pounds and is small in stature.

Her leash manners have gotten better with a harness but she is a little scared being out when cars go by, but again she is learning to walk nicely and improves every day.

Lilly loves to sit and watch the TV. She actually looks to the side of the TV when a character goes off screen thinking they went behind the television.

Lilly is very very friendly and very very needy. She loves getting attention from everyone. She loves kids, adults and is great with the other dogs in her foster home.

She is finally able to experience having the run of the fenced yard at her foster home and comes immediately when she is called. She knows come, sit and off.  She will try to crawl up on your lap but does not get on the furniture unless she is invited. She is allowed the run of the house when someone is home but is crated when her foster family is away. She is very good in her crate and goes in willingly with a treat. She sleeps in her crate all night also.

Lilly’s wish for Christmas is to have a forever home — WISH GRANTED!

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