Bonzai GH-1090


Meet handsome Bonzai, a real sweetheart of a Golden. Despite his estimated age of 10-12 years, he has a twinkle in his eye, a bounce in his step, a beautiful coat, and that wonderful Golden desire to please.     He loves going for walks and exploring the great outdoors. His original owners passed away within the past year, after which time a friend gave Bonzai a home for about 6 months hoping her children would take an interest in having a dog. Bonzai was not getting much attention at that home, so that owner felt it best that GoldHeart find him a forever home.

Just like most Goldens, Bonzai lives for attention and only wants to please.  He is very gentle and he will greet you with bright eyes and a wagging tail (that sometimes goes around in circles).

Bonzai walks beautifully on a leash; he doesn’t pull, but does like to sniff all the exciting aromas around the yard. He loves to run when let off-leash and chase rabbits, squirrels, or just run for fun. Retrieving or playing with toys do not seem to be of great interest. Even though he loves to explore when he’s outside, he’s always attentive and wants to know where you are, and will come running if he thinks there might be a treat to be had. At his foster home, he’s only been off leash in a fence in pasture area, since thus far his desire to explore may be greater than his willingness to come for treats. It’s not clear that he’s had much formal obedience training, but he is starting to respond to “come” and “sit”.  He rides well in the car. He sometimes barks excitedly when he sees he’s going to the park for a walk.

He is super well behaved in the house. He has not been crate-trained, but he is very reliable indoors.    He seems to respond well to a regular schedule, although we were told that the previous owner depended on him to let them know when he needed to go out. Bonzai seems to be very adaptable and catches on quickly. He respects the baby gates that the foster home uses to keep him restricted to certain areas of the house; even though he could physically push them aside easily, he has not tried to do that. He does not jump on furniture or people. He has not tried to put his nose on the dinner table.  His favorite place is curling up on the kitchen rug while watching foster mom work on the computer.

Bonzai has been a wonderful host for a holiday party at the foster home, being very gentle in greeting both older adults as well as children. Despite having three children petting him most of the afternoon, Bonzai was very patient and calm, and seeming to love every minute of it. When the children left, they told me “He will make a very nice family dog for someone.” His experience with cats is unknown; he seems to greet other dogs without showing any aggression.

He was neutered as a pup, is up to date on his shots, and HW and Lyme negative. His senior blood work looked normal. He came to GH with an ear infection, which has been treated and cleared up, but he will need continued monitoring and routine ear washing to help prevent it from becoming a chronic condition. The vet has given him good grades, and feels he’s in great shape, although perhaps a bit underweight at 63lbs, which we are working on. Bonzai is a “gentle” eater, and doesn’t scarf down his food, but does enjoy treats.

Bonzai’s wish list items for his forever home include: having owners that are home more often than not and able to give lots of attention, owners that will be sure he gets high quality food and treats, opportunity to run off leash for exercise and exploring outside, and daily walks.

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