Bonzai GH-1090


Meet handsome Bonzai, a real sweetheart of a Golden who is so happy in his forever home – just in time to celebrate the holidays!

Despite his estimated age of 10-12 years, he has a twinkle in his eye, a bounce in his step, a beautiful coat, and that wonderful Golden desire to please.     He loves going for walks and exploring the great outdoors. His original owners passed away within the past year, after which time a friend gave Bonzai a home for about 6 months hoping her children would take an interest in having a dog. Bonzai was not getting much attention at that home, so that owner felt it best that GoldHeart find him a forever home.

Just like most Goldens, Bonzai lives for attention and only wants to please.  He is very gentle and he will greet you with bright eyes and a wagging tail (that sometimes goes around in circles).

Bonzai’s wish list items for his forever home include: having owners that are home more often than not and able to give lots of attention, owners that will be sure he gets high quality food and treats, opportunity to run off leash for exercise and exploring outside, and daily walks.

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