Leo GH-1073


Leo is a 15-month old golden retriever who is easy to love. He loves playing with his toys and his people and loves being near your at all times. He simply loves his new forever family too…woo hoo three boys to play with!

Leo came to Gold Heart from Egypt on July 1st. The foster family noticed he had had a loud wheeze when he panted on walks so took him for a lot of tests at the local vet and then U Penn Vet Hospital. He was diagnosed with several tick borne diseases and went through two months of medication treatment. Leo is heart worm negative. The vet did diagnose that Leo has bilateral laryngeal paralysis (LAR PAR). This is unusual for such a young dog, but not uncommon in the golden breed. There is a surgery for this condition, but it comes with risks so the vet did not suggest surgery at this time, but he may need it down the road. If required, GoldHeart will help with the expense of Leo’s LAR PAR surgery. Currently, his quality of life does not seem affected and he is very energetic on walks. He does have a hard time in hot, humid weather so walks and outside playtime should be short in summer. Because of his breathing issue, he needs a chest halter and cannot have a choke collar of any kind.


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