Belle GH-1087

Love My Forever Home!

This beautiful golden lady, named Belle, found her way to our rescue after a family friend suggested that they surrender her so she could get the care she needed and deserved. GoldHeart gladly stepped in to help Belle.

Belle is 14.5 years old, about 65 lbs, and for most of her life, she was well cared for. She loves everyone and is not a needy golden girl. She is so easy going and is content to find a spot to nap away most of the day. Due to years of ear issues, and a recent untreated ear infection (close to a year), she now seems to be almost completely deaf. Not to worry, Belle responds beautifully to hand signals and is always happy to gobble her food, and get a treat! She enjoys having her new Mom at home and her feline siblings that love to cuddle with her. She loves when Dad comes home from work and enjoys meeting everyone and hanging out in her fenced yard.  

Belle has been on thyroid medication for years (diagnosed Hypothyroidism), and her new family will ensure she continues on her medications and supplements for arthritis. No question her new family knows there is nothing like “Old Gold” and will ensure Belle has a fabulous last chapter!

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