Max GH-1081

RIP Max (April 2008 – November 2018)

Max crossed the rainbow bridge on November 7, spending just two short months as a GoldHeart dog. At 10 years old Max was turned in to GoldHeart for medical issues that his family was unable to care for.

Max was a medical puzzle. As a GoldHeart foster, the plan was to diagnose and treat/resolve Max’s many medical issues and then find his happy-forever-after home, but sadly, Max succumbed to bladder and prostate cancer before that could happen.

Max enjoyed his final months in his foster home with his foster brother and foster sister.  He easily became one of the pack, vying for the attention of his foster mom and somehow always winning “best seat in the house” right next to her most every time!  He was a true loving and devoted Golden, always wanting to be included in everything.  Although Max ran out of time before being able to find his forever home, he was loved and cared for and knew the joy of a loving family in his final months. They made sure Max knew just how special he was.  Peace to you, sweet Max.


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