Jake GH-567

JAKE – A Very Special Boy

Jan 12, 2009 ~ Sept 28, 2018

Nine years ago, we attended a summer festival that our local veterinarian’s office was hosting, unaware that our lives were about to change forever. While walking around and visiting the different stands, one particular pup caught our eye in the sea of dogs enjoying the beautiful summer day. His name was Jake, a foster from the GoldHeart Golden Retriever Rescue.

Jake was eagerly collecting donations for the rescue and we were happy to find out he was available for adoption. With no time to waste, we applied to become Jake’s forever home and a few weeks later, Jake came home with us.

It was immediately obvious Jake was a special boy with a gentle spirit. A natural swimmer, Jake could barely contain his excitement upon seeing a body of water. He loved to swim after his tennis ball for hours at a time and needed a lot of convincing (and treats) when it was time to go home! Jake also loved to run through the woods at Rocky Ridge, so excitedly overwhelmed by all of the different sights and smells. At the end of a long day, Jake was happy to curl up in the living room and enjoy a rawhide. Food was, without a doubt, one of Jake’s favorite things. From cheeseburgers to tomatoes, Jake would gladly eat it all. He even won a clean-plate contest once, beating out all of the other dogs by eating a lemon slice! Despite all of the things Jake loved and found joy in, nothing trumped his love for his family. All he wanted was to spend time with his humans and provide unlimited love and companionship. He never failed to greet us at the door after a long day, rarely leaving our sides for the night.

Jake, we cannot thank you enough for nine years of never ending love. We were so lucky to have you and there is definitely an empty spot in our hearts now without you. A sincere thank you to Dr. Carney and Tom for allowing our Jake to have the peaceful passage he deserved at home surrounded by the people he loved most. Now play hard and chase those tennis balls in heaven, buddy!

The Snyder-Schwarz family  

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