Winnie GH-1075


Winnie is a very sweet, beautiful golden retriever who turned one on July 3, and was spayed one week later. Sadly her family had severe allergies and they reluctantly gave her up on doctor’s orders. She was loved and Goldheart assured her family that she would get a loving new home.

She loves to be outside in a fenced yard as long as foster mom or foster brother (another Goldheart rescue) is with her. She now weighs 72 pounds, having lost 3 pounds since switching to adult food and getting lots of exercise. She loves to engage in play, racing around, chasing and wrestling with foster brother sometimes pulling foster brother’s long doodle ears for attention. Winnie also chases butterflies and barks with excitement when she sees something or someone she wants to meet.

Winnie is also a typical Velcro girl. Although she will sleep in her crate, she’s not happy being in it during the day.  Winnie loves to go for walks around the neighborhood and on the trails in the park, and loves when people stop to admire and pet her. At times she pulls, but a front loop harness works well.



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