Rusty GH-591


February 2004 – July 2018

This is Rusty, our sweet golden boy. He was our 3rd and largest Golden, quite a change from out 1st two Goldens, Sandy and Kelly who were each 25 lbs lighter than Rusty. When we went to meet him at his foster home, we played and snuggled with him for hours until his foster family decided that we were the ones to adopt him. We got used to his energetic style of walking and civilized him a bit and he gave so much unconditional love. Signs of him remain throughout our home and remind us of his buoyant personality. He was especially fond of challah bread and it was his last meal as our entire family gathered at the vets to say goodbye.

Thank you so very much for all that you do and for bringing Rusty into our lives.

The Dalnekoff Family

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