Mason GH-1071

Woof! Woof!  I have a Forever Home!

Mason was with the Happy Hounds program for about 10 weeks and graduated with flying colors and with GoldHeart,  a forever home was found that will continue working with this gorgeous boy.  Congratulations Mason  – every day is a training day and may the fun and learning never end!

Background: Mason is a 16 month old English Cream who was surrendered to GoldHeart because of biting a child who tried to take his ball. The incident was deemed an accident.

GoldHeart agreed to take Mason because we knew that at this young age he could be worked with. He entered the GoldHeart family on May 9,2018, and previously was listed under our web site’s Long Term Foster section.  He was immediately put into the Happy Hounds Prison Dog Program where they have been working on his issues of food aggression, barrier aggression and minor resource guarding. You can go to the Happy Hounds website  to learn more about the program. The first week was rough for everyone.  What the trainers figured out was Mason has been left to do as he pleased and became the ruler of the house.

Complete Success!  Yeah Mason!


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