Nugget GH-1072


UPDATE (7-21-2018):  We now have many approved GoldHeart adopters interested in Nugget. So the foster home can focus on selecting the best fit home for this special pup, we are not taking any more requests at this time. Thank you for your understanding!

Meet Nugget!

I just turned one and am a handsome 57 pounder who will still probably fill out a lot. I am just coming into my energy and size and in true teenage style I may tempt the limits; I will also get stronger. My new owner needs to be able to make sure I get trained and disciplined as well as exercised and loved. I liked living with my single human. It took me a few days to understand 2 people in the house. When family came around I loved it. That probably means I’m young enough to get used to anything.

Foster folks will tell you that I am a Velcro golden who likes watching tv, is eager to please and loves a tennis ball. They will also tell you that I like to chew hard – I tore up plush toys and even pulled apart a kong toy. I seem to know which are my toys and leave other’s things alone – however, I’ll need to be supervised. I bark when things startle me – that happened a lot at first but is settling down now – I do bark at people and scary things like garbage cans, lawnmowers and firework noises. My fosters tell me to “settle” and I’m starting to understand I’m not supposed to bark so much. It’s a learning curve I’m climbing that will need to be reinforced. I walk okay on the leash but should have some training to help me with that; an obedience class would be helpful too.

My former human did so many things right with me. I am up to date on shots, flea & tick and heartworm meds and I’ve been neutered. I understand ‘no’ but I’m not afraid of it. I went to doggy day care a bit; I’m very socialized with other dogs – do love to be around them and always share my toys. I was interested in cats I met but I’ve never been actively around them or around children. I met some kids and I loved running and playing with them. I am a true retriever as I like to bring things back via my mouth – balls, sticks, rocks. I have been taught fetch, return and drop and I also drop my ball before coming into the house. I knew sit and crate and now I’ve learned down and stay – at least for 20 seconds-so I am pretty smart.  I was used to a yard. My fosters have a little yard with a flimsy fence, but I do fine in that.  I do love when we go out and I can chase balls and run crazily around.

Looks like I’d be great with kids, but their toys would need to be watched and only older stronger kids could safely walk me.  I seem like I’ll be one of those more laid back goldens so I’d be good with older folk except if there would be a concern for falling – I am right there next to you (on your feet, leaning into or following you).  A couple good walks and playtimes could be my routine, but I’d probably thrive on more.  I spent over 9 hours in a crate during the work week; my former human spent lots of time at night and weekends making that up to me. Therefore, I do want and need attention, but I readily go into the crate and stay there quietly with or without people around. That crate is my security blanket. I used to go for drives to parks hence I love being in the car but I still need help getting up in it -I am a baby yet.

At 9 months I got a giardia (parasite) infection that caused diarrhea. I was treated but it returned a couple times and I had it when I came into foster. The Vet thinks I kept getting re-infected by some sort of exposure. I am just finishing treatment. I’ve had no diarrhea just sometimes soft stools since the end of June. I will need to get a couple fecal checks to be sure this is completely gone now.

My human said I was house-trained; I have the full run of the downstairs for several hours each day when someone’s around and I’ve had no accidents in the house or my crate. I am just so curious. For example, when I met the water, I was afraid of the waves but kept going back to check them out with my foster next to me. I’ll need that bonded owner to help me explore my world and I’ll pay them back with love and loyalty.

A $150 training deposit is anticipated for the home adopting Nugget. Since he is a young pup, he should go through obedience training with his new family, with prior approval from his GoldHeart Foster home of the training program/plan selected. This deposit will be refunded to the adopting home when GoldHeart receives certification of Nugget successfully completing the training.


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