Mason GH-1071


Meet Mason. He is a 16 month old English Cream who was surrendered to GoldHeart because of biting a child who tried to take his ball. The incident was deemed an accident.

GoldHeart agreed to take Mason because we knew that at this young age he could be worked with. He entered the GoldHeart family on May 9,2018, and previously was listed under our web site’s Long Term Foster section.  He was immediately put into the Happy Hounds Prison Dog Program where they have been working on his issues of food aggression, barrier aggression and minor resource guarding. You can go to the Happy Hounds website and follow Mason’s progress. The first week was rough for everyone.  What the trainers figured out was Mason has been left to do as he pleased and became the ruler of the house.

Mason has now been in the program for 7 weeks and has made tremendous progress.  His handler has continued to work on the food bowl issues and now anyone can come in and feed him and take his bowl away with no reaction from Mason. Mason is good with people and wonderful with the other dogs at the prison.  He lets Bella the puppy lay all over him. He loves playing fetch and LOVES playing in the pool. He is spot on with his commands of sit, down, wait, stay, paw and is good walking on a leash.

Mason will need to be with a confident person who will stay in charge, not be mean or loud but in charge. He will take advantage of someone who is not in control of him and will do what he wants. So someone who is very dog savvy and confident.  Sorry, no new dog owners or homes with children under the age of 15.

The directors of the Happy Hounds program will always be on hand to answer any question and help with additional training if Mason seems to be slipping.

If you are an approved GoldHeart adopter and feel that you can be the type of owner Mason needs and will continue to reinforce his training, please contact Barb Schaefer at president@goldheart.org.

***Any GoldHeart approved Adopters interested in Mason will be discussed with the prison  program director and trainer***

If you are not yet approved by Goldheart, and are in our SERVICE AREA, please complete an adoption application at https://goldheart.org/adopting-a-golden/adoption-application/. There is a $30 non-refundable application fee that must be received before the approval process starts. The approval process can take 4- 6 weeks since we rely on an all-volunteer support network to process your application, conduct the home visit, and check references. If approved, you can then inquire about Mason if still available, and you can also inquire about any other available dog that is looking for a forever home. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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