Courtesy Posting – Meet Bonnie and Clyde

Courtesy Posting for our friends at Golden Retriever 

Rescue of Southern Maryland

Bonnie and Clyde are Looking for a Forever Home

You often hear about “bonded pairs”, but in my 20+ years of rescue, Bonnie and Clyde are only the second set of siblings that we really believe need to stay together. They are kind of like twins. They explore together. Nap together. Eat together and genuinely love each other and EVERY HUMAN they’ve ever met!

Bonnie and Clyde are a pair of Golden/lab mixes that came to rescue as their owner was moving to a place that wouldn’t allow dogs. They previously spent their lives on a farm mostly in a stable, but have good house manners.

Gender: Male (Clyde) and Female (Bonnie)

Age: 5 year

Weight: Clyde is around 83 lbs and Bonnie is around 73 lbs

Health: spayed and neutered. Hearworm negative. Up to date on shots and flea and tick prevention. Lab results for blood and urine were perfect.

Personalities: sweet golden personality. They love attention and getting pets and snuggles. Gentle and easy to be with.

Interaction with dogs: Bonded pair that are interested in other dogs and have had pleasant interactions with other dogs

Interaction with cats: Bonnie and Clyde lived on a farm and slept in a stable. Transporter saw cats climbing and purring around them, so we believe they are great with cats.

Interaction with children: unknown to foster family. Large dogs would do best in home with no or older children. They were very gentle with children at a recent PETCO event.

Fence requirements: needs a physical fenced in yard as they like to be outside.

Leash manners: They aren’t really pullers but could use some formal leash training

Adoption fee: $600 for both which is $200 less than our normal fee as we want them to stay together

To apply, submit an application available at www.goldenretrieverrescueofsouthernmaryland.org. If you have been approved to adopt through GoldHeart, or another reputable golden retriever rescue group, we will accept that home visit report.

NOTE FROM GOLDHEART:  Bonnie and Clyde are being posted as a courtesy for Golden Retriever Rescue of Southern Maryland. GoldHeart  has not evaluated, met or interacted with these Dogs. Consequently, GoldHeart makes no representation as to the temperament, health, or suitability of this dog.  If you want your home visit report shared with GRRSM, send an email to adoption@goldheart.org.

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