Riley GH-1066


Say hello to young Mr. Riley! He’s about a year old and 60 pounds.     He’s very active in the morning and will quickly gobble up his food and water before calming down. When it’s time to go outside he quickly does his business, then finds a stick to chew on before wanting to come back in. He loves to be with his people. After breakfast and potty time he’s much calmer. He stays in the office and lays down while his foster dad works.

Riley’s inside behavior is good.  He has never damaged anything and only had one potty accident in the house in 5 weeks. When called he comes running and will stay with you wherever you are.  Next, he’ll roll onto his back.  Scratch my chest and belly please! This is one of his favorite things to do. If you’re not home, best to put him in a room with door closed.  No crate. He dislikes them and will bark. His bark is quite loud.

Riley has 3 foster brothers and has no problem getting along. With that said, he will bark and lunge at dogs he doesn’t know. That behavior needs some work.  We are not sure about how he interacts with cats. Riley does not mind car rides but could use some help with walking etiquette. He’s also a little bit mouthy (no biting). He’s a work in progress there also. He’s still a puppy.


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