Smiley GH-1065

Update May 2018 — Smiley is now a long term foster and will be lovingly cared for in his GoldHeart foster home.

Sadly, after a 30-day round of doxycycline, additional testing revealed Smiley’s kidneys continue to worsen, from chronic lyme exposure. His blood pressure was also still to high, so his ace inhibitor medication was increased. He now gets Subq fluids in his foster home every other day and enjoys having lots of home cooking to help keep him happy and healthy (He would prefer to leave the kidney diet food for his foster siblings).  The vets estimate he probably has a few months and we plan to recheck his blood work in 30 days or so to better gauge the progression. Sadly, the vets recommend we not put him through surgery, since anesthesia would only shorten his life further — the benefits simply do not outweigh the risks.

If treatment for Lymes had started earlier, the result may be different. Smiley is definitely a poster child for getting annual Lyme and Heartworm testing — even if you keep your pups on medication year-round.

Please know, Smiley does not appear to be in any pain, and is a very happy boy who just has to pee more often. He continues to live life to the fullest. He has several comfy beds, and loves his daily walks to sniff and greet everyone.  He is a typical Golden, wants to be near his humans or pack, and will bark to let you know when he wants something… he even is now carrying a stuffed toy around.

From His First Under Evaluation Bio  (arrived 3-22-18 to GoldHeart): After learning about Smiley (a suitable new name for a boy found around St. Patrick’s Day), who was picked up by the Humane Society, as either a stray or owner dump (ouch!), GoldHeart stepped in to bring this red golden boy into the rescue after his stray hold was up, and his owners did not come looking for him. Just heartbreaking, because this boy doesn’t have a mean bone in his body and all he wants to do is be around his people…snuggling, placing his head in your lap, or knocking your arm up for a pet.

When he sees you coming, or gets around new people and other dogs, his entire body wags — smiles!  We believe he is about 12 years old. He is a tall lanky boy, and underweight (should be around 75 lbs). He is not altered, has a testicular tumor (can be resolved with neuter), a large suspect fatty tumor on his rear leg, has two other lumps of concern, and a few other bumps.

BECOME PART OF SMILEY’S PACK… by making a donation to support Smiley and other rescues in need, along with the foster homes that care for these amazing animals. Thank you and a big Woof! Woof! from Smiley!

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