Nala GH-1063


Hi Everyone, my name is Nala. I am somewhere between 3 and 4 yrs old. I flew in from Egypt right after the New Year to a new life. What a great life it has been so far here in the USA. I was recently spayed and had a mammary tumor removed and am now ready to find my forever home.

At my foster home there are three other dogs. The big one likes to play with me and I am very gentle when playing with the one who doesn’t walk. She lays on the floor all the time so I just lay with her. I am not fond of cats. I am a little afraid when everyone starts to bark so I just leave the room and don’t really bark at all. I have some separation anxiety because in Egypt I was thrown on the streets after my puppies were born because I had the mammary tumor and they didn’t want to spend any money at the vet on me. I am fine when everyone is home, but when no one is home I stay in my crate and am very happy to be there.

My foster mom is working on my housebreaking skills. I have only had two accidents since I have been here and that was only because my foster mom did not pick up on my signals.

My wish list for a forever home would be for someone to be home some of the day, a yard for me to play in and another dog to keep me company.

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