Gus GH-1037

UPDATE: OCT 25, 2018,  Gus is still in his wonderful dedicated Long Term Foster Home.  We are hoping in a few months he will be able to start his search for a forever home. Doesn’t he look fabulous?

Thanks for checking in…hope you enjoy hearing about Gus and his progress!

Gus is a sweet 2-year-old golden boy who loves playing ball and snuggling up on the couch with his people. He enjoys the back yard and just lying on the deck watching the world go by. He is completely housebroken and will go to the door when he needs to go out. He knows sit, down, wait and come. He sometimes gets bored when his people aren’t home and does a bit of counter surfing, so putting things up and out of reach is a must. He loves when his people are around and he is miserable in a crate so a home where at least one person is home except for a few hours a day would be best. He loves other dogs and has met cats, geese, chickens, horses, goats, deer and sheep and had no reaction to any of them. In fact, he snuggled up to the cat and they got along beautifully.

Gus came to Goldheart from Egypt in June of 2017 hoping for a better life, but things didn’t work out at first for poor Gus. He was adopted into a home with another dog that, unfortunately, as much as Gus tried, he couldn’t get the other dog to warm up to him. So, he was returned to Goldheart in January 2018 and placed in a long-term foster home.  When Gus arrived, he was diagnosed with hip dysplasia in both hips. Because of the risks that come with hip surgery, the doctor decided on a conservative approach and put Gus on a strict diet to get his weight down and recommended daily walks to help him get in shape, increase the muscles in his legs and get his hips working better. His hips are now in much better shape. Because of the hip dysplasia, Gus’ weight must be strictly maintained and he requires daily walks.  If surgery is required at a later date, Goldheart will help with the expense of the surgery. His quality of life does not seem to be affected and he loves his long walks and running after his ball. He walks steps with ease and jumps on the couch and bed without any problem.

We are also working with a vet dermatologist due to some skin issues. We have now ruled out food allergies, and next up for Gus is testing for environmental allergies. Getting his skin “happy” is something his foster home hopes to resolve in the coming month or so.

Gus’ foster home also addressed some behavioral issues that arose when he went through the first year and half of his life without any training, socialization or having learned impulse control. When a tug of war started over an item he had stolen, he would sometimes nip when the object was taken from him. Thus, his adoptive home should not have young children. He worked with a trainer for several months to break these bad habits and all issues have now been addressed, but for this reason, Gus will need an experienced dog owner that can work with him regularly to be sure that his good behavior continues.  With patience, kindness, understanding, training, and lots of love, they have found Gus to be a wonderful loving dog. Yeah Gus!

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