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Lily Ann has quite a life story to tell. Her story began years ago, in 2004, when she first game into GoldHeart looking for a forever home. At the time she was a young pup, between 1-2 years old. She was quickly adopted and spent the next 13 years of her life living with a kind man who gave her the best in life. Sadly, just before Christmas 2017, her owner died unexpectedly and Lily Ann was sent to a local dog shelter. Lily Ann’s microchip was scanned and miraculously she was traced back to her GoldHeart family. Within days she was out of the shelter and in the home of a GoldHeart foster to spend her Christmas and Holidays. At 14 years old Lily Ann is now, once again, looking for a forever home to live out her Golden years.

Lily Ann is the typical Golden personality- sweet, gentle, loving, and always seeking human attention and affection. She loves to be with her people and be a part of everyday life in the family. From Lily Ann’s recent vet visit we learned she is in remarkable shape for a girl her age! Her senior blood work and thyroid levels all came back in normal range. Lily does have arthritis in her hind legs and is a little slow in getting up and getting going, but once she works out the kinks, she’s good to go. Lily is on two medications to ease discomfort from her arthritis and will need to continue on these indefinitely.

Her vision and hearing are somewhat impaired due to cataracts and age, but she sees and hears well enough to navigate independently in and around the house. Lily Ann loves to sniff and investigate the backyard and sometimes needs a little help in finding her way back to the door again. She’s very receptive to gentle and loving guidance in getting turned around in the right direction again. For Lily Ann’s forever home, she would do best in a home where there are no stairs or where she’d be able to live on one floor and get outside with only a couple of steps. She can do 1-2 steps but sometimes needs a little extra help in getting up or down. Long flights of steps (or even 4-5 steps) would be impossible for her to navigate on her own.

Lily is a quiet, mellow, relaxed girl and spends most of her days resting and sleeping. Because of Lily Ann’s arthritis, it is important that she gets up, moves around, and exercises her legs routinely throughout the day so her joints don’t stiffen and become painful.  Lily Ann will need to be in a home where she is left alone no longer than 6 hours throughout the day, just so she has the opportunity to get up and stretch and walk on her legs on a regular basis.

Lily Ann gets along well with other dogs (she has 2 foster siblings) but she’d appreciate canine companions who are more on the quiet and gentle side, just like her. At 14, Lily Ann isn’t looking for any kind of rough and tumble play! Lily Ann is looking for a quiet and loving home to give her the comfort and companionship she deserves in her Golden Years.

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