Alder GH-1036


Change to Long Term Foster Status 12-2-2017

We are heartbroken to report that after all Alder, affectionately known as Aldi, has been through, he was recently diagnosed with cancer (aggressive Lymphoma).

The only peace we have is knowing that Aldi is in a loving home where his final days will be filled with comfort and cuddles and love, and when he crosses over, he’ll be thinking he’s the luckiest dog in the world to have landed with these sweet, wonderful people- his GoldHeart foster family – who have taken such good care of him.  May Aldi remember in these final weeks all the GOOD stuff that has happened to him that made him such a lucky dog.  Yet, our hearts are broken, feeling so sad for this little guy and wishing his outcome could have been different.

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Update 11-7-2017

Aldi is such a beautiful little boy and is doing great! He was a trooper during his Heartworm treatments and will soon be neutered and after recovery can start his search for a forever home. Aldi loves to go on walks, but deserves a home where he can run too – a securely fenced yard will be perfect since he loves to chase squirrels. A surprising thing about Aldi who is definitely part Shiba Inu is he doesn’t bark. He currently lives with a Golden sister and does well with other dogs. Aldi is a little timid and doesn’t like loud noises (and will go run and hide), so a home without young children is preferred.  He loves to cuddle with you and will roll over for a tummy rub in under a minute – definitely golden-like  traits. 

He is an international rescue that  made his way in June 2017 from Okinawa, Japan to the USA courtesy of some very dedicated military families that volunteer with the doggies inc. rescue. He was picked up on the streets in Japan, and his future was looking very uncertain until the Doggiesinc team contacted GoldHeart, and set the remarkable rescue chain of events into action that got this sweet boy to the USA to enjoy the good life in a GoldHeart approved foster home.

Aldi is estimated to be about 5 years old, and still is small  and weighs around 35 pounds (was 30 at arrival). He tested Heartworm positive and was treated.


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