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Update: Willow had surgery on Sept 5, 2017 for a floating patella on her right rear leg, also a repair was made to the same leg to keep the foot from turning out so much.

On Oct 3 the surgeon did x-rays and was very pleased with her progress and the healing of the leg.  It was recommended that she do some underwater treadmill therapy which she will start this week. She will return for another set of x-rays on or around Nov 28 at which time she will also be spayed. After that she will be available for adoption.

Willow   wears a brace on her right front leg. That leg has a deformity that cannot be repaired so the brace just helps her walk on it better. She can do steps while wearing the brace also.  She can get around without it just fine but the vet recommended that she wear it to keep the leg from deforming any further since she is young. She is now wearing it all day long but I do give her a break from it when she is napping during the day or at night when she goes to bed.

Willow will also need surgery on her hip but the surgeon does not want to  do that for at least a year or more. He wants this leg to heal completely and build the muscle up. Willow’s adoption contract will be amended to state that GoldHeart will take care of that surgery as long as it is done at one of our approved  vets.

October 30 Video of Willow – enjoy!

Otherwise…Willow is a beautiful one year old female.  She is super sweet and good with other dogs and children. Willow  is an international rescue and made the journey to the USA after initial vetting in Egypt, landing at JFK on the 23rd of June with Deborah. GoldHeart is forever thankful to Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue, Inc. for picking up these girls and keeping them until we were able to get them to their Foster Homes at GoldHeart in July.

Please check back soon for updates.

When this bio is updated that Willow is ready to start Looking for a Forever Home, you must be an approved GoldHeart adopter in order to inquire about her.

If you are not yet approved by Goldheart, and are in our SERVICE AREA, please complete an adoption application at http://www.goldheart.org/adopting-a-golden/adoption-application/. There is a $30 non-refundable application fee that must be received before the approval process starts. The approval process can take several weeks since we rely on an all-volunteer support network to process your application, conduct the home visit, and check references. If approved, you can then inquire about Willow when this post is updated that she is Looking for a Forever Home (if still available), and you can also inquire about any other available dog.

Donations to support Willow’s medical care (her first surgery (at least two anticipated) will cost about $4,000) and our other dogs in longer-term foster care will be greatly appreciated. Please click on the donate button  — Thank you!

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