Teddy GH-830

RIP TEDDY BEAR — October 20, 2000 – November 2, 2017

We helped Teddy, our loveable Bear from GoldHeart — arriving here in April 2013, cross the rainbow bridge to be with his brother Duke (left us 8/3/17), Sister Paige (left us 10/17/16) his Kitty Bojangles (left us 8/30/15) and a few extra special foster siblings, Roameo and Buddy. We could not have asked for a more beautiful last day to spend with him, and the moon shone brightly so we could talk to Teddy to be sure he was ok. His first Mom was there to greet him too — you see that is how Teddy found his way to GoldHeart and into our hearts and home — his owner was called home too soon, and no doubt she has always been watching over him. How lucky we were to have him in our lives.

Ever since his arrival, Teddy has been living life to the fullest – loving his yard and walks with his fur-sibs (as of late this was just going to the mailbox and back – but he expected to make the trip every day). He loved to go out and stand in the middle of the yard and bark — as if to announce…Hey world, Teddy is out. He loved road trips to see family and camping trips. Earlier in his life he did not get around other dogs much, and we were sure to remedy that. He loved trying to play – especially with Roameo, and even got a girlfriend (another GH rescue – lab mix we just adopted for his 17th Birthday). His Heart, despite a leaky valve and grade 5-6 murmur, was still going strong, his faculties were perfect and his appetite was still there to his last minute (did I hear treat?). He would bark any time he needed one of us to help him-up, yoga mats became our carpet of choice for his mobility, and he still took his nightly strolls whimpering and walking around the house surveying his kingdom — “Teddy on patrol” was music to warm our souls.

Sadly, he had severe spinal arthritis and all the extras we were doing, were no longer enough. Yesterday, he could not stand on either his back or front legs, even with lifting him, and we tried many times throughout the day… his body had let him down :-(((. Here he is laying in his yard and with his pack before we took him for his last ride, and he transitioned with us holding him as he took his last breath.

Thanks Dr. Dexter and CVH team for a peaceful and loving end for a boy that captured our hearts, made us laugh, and loved all of you too — you know who you are. Teddy had lots of Aunts and Uncles and with the Halloween party got lots of pats and loving — no question he will be missed by all who knew him. Run Free, Play Hard Teddy Bear. LOVE YOU FOREVER!

The Martinez Family


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