Nala GH-1052


Meet Nala, an adorable 7-month old golden retriever puppy. She weighs about 39 pounds and will probably be a petite golden (best guess is around 50 pounds once she reaches maturity). She arrived from Egypt just a few weeks ago and has adjusted quickly to the good life in the USA, which includes loving to have her picture taken!

Sweet Nala came with virtually no training; however, she is making good progress in her foster home. She is learning to walk well on a leash and just LOVES her daily walks. She is close to being crate trained, but still requires additional potty training lessons. To date, the longest she has been in a crate (or gated in her puppy room) is 6 hours and with no accidents. She is only gated when her foster family is not home, and otherwise is free to roam around the house. She also sleeps in the bedroom with her foster parents (approx 8 hours), also with no accidents.

She still needs more work on basic commands and manners, but so far is willing to learn and easy to train. She is a smart girl and has one of the best temperaments her foster mom has ever experienced with a dog. She is incredibly affectionate and does well with all humans and animals, big and little. Nala was around a cat once, it hissed at her, and she didn’t pay any mind going forward, so with proper introductions she may should be ok with cats. She is also working on steps, and her foster parents have to carry her up and down (or at least put her partially up for her to go), however this may be due to the open nature of the steps in her foster home. She does well in the car, no car sickness, but is scared. You have to lift her in and out, but once in she just lays down. Nala is wonderful with young children and is overjoyed with hugs from her 2-year old human foster sister. She loves kisses, cuddles and playtime just about as much as any puppy possible.  Nala is very gentle and shows no food or toy aggression – outstanding!

Nala would do best in a home with another dog to help show her the ropes and she would also do just fine in a home with children. It would also be best for Nala to find a home where her people are home more often than not, so she gets all the training and exercise she needs, and love and affection she deserves and absolutely adores.

Due to Nala’s young age and need for ongoing training and socialization, a $150 training deposit may be required, at the discretion of the foster home and based on the adopters experience with raising a puppy. If a training deposit is required during the adoption process, prior approval from the GoldHeart foster home of the program/plan selected will be required. This deposit will be refunded to the adopting home by the foster home when GoldHeart foster home receives certification that Nala has successfully completing the training.

In addition, due to Nala’s age, she will be adopted out with a GoldHeart Puppy Contract, and her forever home will need to have her spay surgery performed. Proof of neuter (vet invoice/spay certificate) will be required, and upon receipt, GoldHeart will reimburse his forever home up to $100 towards the surgery cost.


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