Annie GH-1051


Meet Annie.  She is a sweet, gorgeous red golden girl. Annie is three years old and has a birthday coming up on January 24 (born in 2014). She came to GoldHeart after her owners sadly could no longer take care of her. Annie came in with a skin condition that occurred from being outside a lot in her yard, and after seeing the vet, we thankfully learned it should resolve with some medicated baths, grooming, better nutrition, and spending more time inside with her new pack. She tested negative for Heartworm disease, but did test positive for Lyme disease, so a course of antibiotics will be started in two weeks, after she has healed from her Spay Surgery that went well last week. Annie weighs 67.5 lbs and should stay around this weight or could be a pound or two lighter.

Annie probably has not had many experiences outside her past home, and is now living with a foster golden sister and brother and is learning how much fun play time can be, and gets along great with both. She also is learning what it is like to live with cats (there are three in her foster home) and we understand she is inquisitive and still has lots to learn about how to live with feline siblings. As you can imagine, life has been full of change recently, so she is a little unsure of everything and gets carsick easily. We are hoping with shorter positive trips and lots of TLC (and no food close to travel time) it will eventually turn getting in the car into a positive and fun experience for her.


Think you may be interested in Annie when this bio is updated that she is ready to start looking for a forever home? To inquire about Annie or any available Goldheart dog, you must be an approved GoldHeart adopter.

So, if you are not yet approved by Goldheart, and are in our SERVICE AREA, please complete an adoption application at http://www.goldheart.org/adopting-a-golden/adoption-application/. There is a $30 non-refundable application fee that must be received before the approval process starts. The approval process can take several weeks since we rely on an all-volunteer support network to process your application, conduct the home visit, and check references. If approved, you can then inquire about Annie when this post is updated that she is looking for a forever home, and you can also inquire about any other available dog that is looking for a forever home. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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