Koda GH-511

RIP ~ October 2, 2017

I adopted Koda in October of 2008. He was one of 11 pups from momma Maggie. I First saw the news footage of needing people for the adoption of these gorgeous puppies. So I immediately started the process and was lucky enough to get Koda. He was a big guy compared to most Goldens, but he was an incredible and major part of my life. He touched so many lives and every person he met he made them a dog lover.

It took me 7 years to get another dog after my first one passed on and Koda was perfect for the job. He was the best dog ever, loyal, loving, amazing best friend and he is already missed. My heart is torn from the loss.

How can you explain the hole in your heart since you’ve been gone? How can you explain to others that you were MORE than my Koda? Always there to greet me, mad when you couldn’t come along…you were my best friend, and the one who’d listen when no one was around…I know we’ll  see you again and you’ll be running to greet me, but I can’t stop my heart from wanting you here…just one more kiss, hug or your wonderful smile!!! I loved you more than you knew…

Krista Snook

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