Deborah GH-1038


Deborah is a beautiful, 3-year-old spayed golden that arrived from Egypt in June. She is on the smaller side, weighing just 55 pounds. She is completely house-trained and knows basic commands: sit, down, and shake hands. Deborah is not your typical Velcro golden that follows you everywhere; rather she is more of an independent lady. She loves to play and be with you. She will cuddle up with you and her stuffed toys on the sofa, but sometimes she just wants to lay around by herself and happily take a snooze. She loves going for car rides and wants to play with every dog and human she meets. She shows her excitement by jumping up on everyone that comes through our door, but she has been working hard on correcting that.

Having come from Egypt, it took her a little while to get used to her own back yard with grass and bushes, chipmunks and squirrels, but she now spends hours out there exploring, watching people and animals go by from the deck and just rolling around in the grass. She does LOVE her walks and has very good leash manners, but she also really loves her back yard and for this reason, we would like Deborah’s forever home to have a fenced yard. She also still occasionally wakes up very early or very, very, late at night and needs to go outside, so it is very convenient to be able to just let her out in the yard at those odd hours. Her current yard has a 5 ft. high physical fence and she does put her paws on the top to look over when she sees something really interesting, but she has never made any attempt to jump over. I think that a fence lower than 5 feet high might temp her too much to try that leap, so the fence must be at least 5 feet high.

Deborah arrived with some health problems, most of which are now taken care of. The one issue that remains is a problem with inflammation and low pressure in her eyes. Right now, she needs to have eye drops administered once a day along with a daily check of the eyes for inflammation to determine if she needs a medication adjustment. The medicine costs about $40.00 and will last two months with her present dosage. She also must see an ophthalmologist several times a year to re-check her eye pressure and determine if she needs a medication adjustment. Her ophthalmologist says she may require the drops for the rest her life so a firm commitment to follow these procedures is required. Deborah is a fun loving, playful, sweetheart that will make a fabulous addition to any family.




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