Brittany GH-1009

IMG_1756Woo Woo! (That is a barking sound I make and one of my many nicknames)… Part 2 of my life couldn’t be better!

Brittany arrived in November 2016, and will turn 9 on June 17, 2017.  She  is a surgery warrior and has won the hearts of her foster family. Her strength certainly helps her fur-brothers face challenges and endure longer than expected. Teddy has just past his 16 yr – 7 mo birthday, and Duke, diagnosed with Lymphoma in early January, and thanks to a new chemo protocol, and wanting to ensure he remains top dog, is still enjoying life and playing toy tug of war with his doppelgänger Britt.

So once again, like Duke, a true failed foster from GoldHeart, Britt has made herself invaluable to our home and, while we are proud failed fosters again, I think she picked us too! Teddy was also a GoldHeart foster at age 12, and after close to year of no adopters, we figured he deserved to stay too. Who knew he would be a age record breaker — being with us over 4 years now). There is nothing like Old Gold — please consider adopting a senior or special needs pup — the rewards are endless!  

Brittany  has faced (1) TPLO repair w/12 week recovery(2) dental and minor growth removals, and (3) most recently, vulvoplasty…may UTIs be a thing of the past!  We are hoping she can now be an even happier girl who just wants to have fun!

Her other leg was X-rayed during her TPLO surgery, and sadly, that one has a partial tear, and fingers crossed, it seems to have stablized. Our hope is this leg will not require the same costly-long recovery surgery, even though her surgeon is betting she will.  Let’s hope that is a bet he never wins!

Brittany’s medical/surgical treatment charges totaled $4567.  Any tax-deductible donation towards her GoldHeart expenses will help ensure we can continue to help other incoming dogs that are also in need of more extensive medical care.   THANK YOU!



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