Watson (Wutz) GH-1028

Wutz GH1028 Wutz GH1028A Wutz GH1028BGH1028Wutz3 GH1028WutzD

Woof! Woof!  I just love my forever home!

Wutz also has a new name – Watson!

He is a very sweet, 10 year old Golden male. He weighs in at 110 lbs of pure love. He came to GoldHeart as his owner had to give him up after his human-momma developed respiratory issues preventing her from keeping him and his brother.

Watson’s ambition in life is to be as loving and snuggly as possible. He loves to be near humans and will let you pet him wutz playingfor as long as you want. He also enjoys talking to his humans in that golden retriever “woooo”

Watson is in good health for a 10 year old dog. He has a minor thyroid problem which is being addressed with an inexpensive pill given twice a day. He also has a history of ear infections which are mitigated with consistent ear cleaning. He came to GoldHeart with a mass on his neck which was removed during his neutering.

Watson is so happy to report he has found the perfect home with loving humans who will enjoy petting him and gentle play.

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