Liffey GH-635 and Bear GH-668


Bear (F) and Liffey (R)

Bear (L -Front ) and Liffey (R – Rear)

Liffey came to us on April 7, 2010, from a shelter where her owners asked that she be euthanized.  Instead GoldHeart came to the rescue.  Liffey had  been neglected  and only partially socialized.  She did not know how to respond to attention – but she was an escape artist and rejoiced in running away repeatedly.  She was small and scooted through the most narrow openings.  Chasing her kept us in shape!

When we adopted Bear on September 2, 2010 Liffey (who never learned to play with  other dogs) found a friend.  During the day Liffey loved to chew on sticks or better still on marrow bones which she then buried and sometimes found again covered with dirt and tastier than ever. However at naptime or at night she curled up next to Bear and slept like a log (unless there was a thunder storm!), but that is another story.  We never learned Liffey’s age –she was NOT young – she died 4 years ago of a tumor detected only by x-ray.  During her time with us Liffey received much love even if she did not know how to return it.

Bear  was always a joy!  Friendly, affectionate, happy to meet new people and dogs, unless the other dog was not happy to meet her.  Then she could hold her own, but she was never a fighter – she just indicated her displeasure. When Bear came to us she was just short of seven – an overweight pony of a dog who then weighed about 83 pounds (down from 88 in July)!  After about two months of a diet consisting of the correct amount of dog food and a field worth of string beans she finally reached her proper weight: 53 sleek pounds.  All those beans must have affected her menu choices.  Whenever I cut carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, apples etc.  she danced in anticipation but was never a vegetarian.  Ooh!  A steak platter to lick.  Yum!

Bear died of old age on April 3, 2017.  Our house is very empty.  For over forty years Goldens have been part of our family.  Please don’t tell our other Goldens, but Bear was the best of all!  Rest well.

The Egan Family

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