Carson GH-768 and Apache GH-767

Carson and Apache

Carson and Apache

Who rescued who? 

I think it is safe to say that in this case, they rescued us. Carson and Apache came into our lives via Bob and Karol Hickman when the two were nine years old. They were inseparable and we are grateful that GoldHeart wanted to keep them together.

Over the course of the next nearly 5 years, they taught us to slow down and enjoy the moment, they made us laugh often, and they gave us many, many wonderful memories. They loved car rides, sharing dog beds, and making noise with their squeaky toys. They always wanted to be in the same room as the other, and they always woke up together. They basically did everything together and we loved watching the bond that they shared.

We had to let Carson go to the Rainbow Bridge in January, and Apache joined her in April.  They are together once again. Carson and Apache will always be in our hearts and we are forever grateful that GoldHeart gave us the honor of having these two wonderful Goldens in our lives.

Fondly, Dennis Rivard and Charlie George

Apace and Carson

Apache and Carson

Carson and Apache2

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