Wrigley GH-1012

Wrigley loves the puddlesWrigley all cleaned upwrigley-alternatewrigley-mainLIFE IS WONDERFUL IN MY FOREVER HOME!

Wrigley is settling in and getting lots of play and exploring time in his awesome forever home. He loves going out in the rain and splashing in puddles (before and after pictures at left), and he just loves to cuddle, chase balls, and even enjoys watching his new Mom cook. Wrigley is certainly a very lucky boy!

Wrigley is a super cute small Golden mix. He is 5-months old and about 20 pounds. Wrigley has all the colorings, fur feathering, and webbed feet of a Golden, but much smaller and with floppy ears. Like many puppies, Wrigley is high energy. He is quick to do his business while outside. He knows sit, paw, and come and is very smart. He loves to lay on your lap while chewing on a toy/bone. In addition to chewing on toys he loves to play ball and eat ice cubes.


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