Buddy GH-106 and Chloe


It is with great sadness that I am writing about my Buddy’s death. He was approximately 16 years old and we adopted him from the Plate Goldheart foster family at the approximate age of 3 years old. His foster mom told me that he had “high energy.” I responded by telling her that since he was young, that was a good thing. She raised an eyebrow and said nothing, and saw that I could handle such a dog since I brought my Amber to her home that day who was 14 at the time. I soon learned the true meaning of “high energy” after he pulled me out the door and I ended up with Tendonitis in my left shoulder. Others might have given him up for less, but I knew that it was an accident. I then not only took Buddy to obedience classes and worked with him at home, I went to Physical Therapy several times a week as well. My Tendonitis disappeared never to return again and Buddy improved greatly over a bit of time well spent!

I was told that he was found running the streets of Baltimore City. Developing “high energy” must have meant survival for him! I never worked so hard with a dog before, and the benefits indeed outweighed the efforts. I felt like I trained a “stallion.”After a while, he became a certified therapy dog and went to various facilities including the FutureCare Cherrywood Nursing Home and the Guilchrist Hospice. Having him encouraged me to take an extensive course and get Hospice Certification. As I write this, I am getting chills. Buddy was never aggressive and was quite a survivor for such a long time. I used to call him “Super Dog”. among other nicknames. He not only survived the streets of Baltimore, but he also survived Oral Cancer and a lacerated eye, which a canine ophthalmologist said was probably not an accident. She informed me that some old dogs develop this condition. At one point, he also dealt with Vertigo. He passed away in our home on Wednesday, August 10, 2016. Life will never be the same without our Buddy!

chloeamber_slideChloe Amber

Chloe was not a Goldheart dog but she was a Rescue nevertheless. We adopted her at the age of three years old from the Golden Retriever Rescue of Central Pa. If it wasn’t for the fact that we adopted Buddy from Goldheart, I wouldn’t have had this dog. Shortly after, adopting Buddy, we went to the annual Goldheart picnic where Marie Sciscone was talking about Goldstock and had an album of pictures. I have never heard of the Goldstock Camp and it sounded wonderful. After our Amber died ( she was 3 months past 15) I wanted another dog in memory of  this sweet dog. We went to Goldstock and I met someone from the Pa. Rescue, who found me my very mellow, sweet and wonderful Chloe. We attached on the middle name of Amber. She was our “Memorial Dog”!

Chloe came to us and added a wonderful new dimension to our lives. She was my first therapy pet and made so many people happier during her years of service. Unfortunately, she developed an inflammation on her larynx and most of her voice disappeared. People used to tell me that she needed water, she was tired, etc. when they heard her frequent panting. She couldn’t help herself. This condition destroyed her immune system and she died on Monday, June 27, 2016. She and Buddy are missed more than words are capable of expressing!



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